A little about me

Welcome, welcome, welcome! I’m super grateful you stopped by to check out my website and learn a bit more about me! I love sharing my passion with others, so you’ve stopped at the right place.
My name is Mary Paulette, people call me MP for short, and I’m an intuitive and animal communicator based in Calgary, Alberta.
Since starting my business in 2018, I’ve had so much fun learning, growing, nurturing, and refining my gifts. Stepping out into the world with Connect with Mary Paulette is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made; it’s my muse, my passion, my devotion to the universe. I get to combine all my passions into a profession, have fun while doing it, and fill my heart with joy by connecting with the hearts of people and animals! And for that, I am so grateful.
I pride my work on creating deeper connection and understanding for my clients, as well as peace and harmony within the mind, body, and soul. Connecting with the hearts of others and elevating the lives of people and animals is the core foundation of everything I do!
There’s so much wonderment in the world of intuitive work and being an intuitive means you see, interpret and experience the world in different and additional ways than most people. For me, I see the world through my hands. Here’s a sneak peek at how it works: I take my hands and run them through the waves of energy in the air and the information my hands collect is translated into thoughts, feelings, sensations, visions, words, and sounds for me to understand and put into language for my clients.
I’ve worked with countless animals, from domestic to farm, and each one brings it’s own unique experience! I am particularly attuned to dogs, cats, horses, and cows – weird, I know right? There really is no limit to who or what I can connect to because energy is universal and it’s all about the trust and intention when connecting that allows the energy to flow for communication.
I regularly receive feedback from clients about how much they value and appreciate their sessions with me. Some of the biggest benefits they share is the deepened connection with their pets. In each session, I provide clients with practical recommendations that help contribute to increased joy and vitality in their pet’s life from the newfound discoveries of their pet’s world. There’s no more wondering the proverbial “I wonder what they’re thinking?”.
After clients have had an animal communication session with me and they discover that I work with people too, they often end up booking a session for themselves!
In addition to the intuitive readings and animal communication sessions, I am a level one certified in Bio-Energy Healing through the school of Michael D’Alton and a certified Emotion Code practitioner through Dr. Bradley Nelson. If you haven’t heard of The Emotion Code, it’s the best thing since sliced bread and I definitely recommend checking it out. It’s a healing art that releases trapped emotions instantly. Depending on what is needed during a session, I incorporate this technique into my readings, or I do a stand-alone session of The Emotion Code. People and animals are both equally quite receptive to this technique.
As for the more traditional side of me, I am a mother, partner, friend, confidante, and lover of life. For an intuitive, I have quite an interesting and extensive background based in law, management, and strategic analysis. In addition to my business, I work for the Federal Government as a Project Manager and prior to that I was a flight attendant with West Jet and a Police Officer for Peel Regional Police in Mississauga/Brampton, Ontario.
So… there you have it friends, me in a nutshell! Book a session with me today and let’s create some magic, joy and vitality together. Elevating the lives of people and animals is what I do! I’m looking forward to hearing from you
Mary Paulette xoxo