Services Offered

Animal Communication Sessions
45-60 min | 97 CAD

Have you ever found yourself wondering what your pet or animal is thinking? I know I did before I became an animal communicator! I’ve worked with countless animals, from domestic to farm, and each animal communication session brings its own unique and fascinating experience. I regularly receive feedback from clients about how much they value and appreciate their sessions with me. One of the biggest benefits they share is the deepened connection with their pet and how much happier their pets are! In each session, I provide clients with practical recommendations on a variety of topics, such as anxiety, barking, biting, having accidents in the house, and not getting along with other animals or children, etc. These recommendations help contribute to increased joy and vitality in their pet’s life, which does wonders for their heart and soul. If you’re looking for answers about your pet or animal, start the process with them directly in a session with me. There will be no more wondering the proverbial “I wonder what they’re thinking?”.

These sessions are perfect for communicating with animals that have passed as well. In this circumstance, I require a photo and their name to connect with them. Communicating with your present pet or pet that has passed is an amazing experience.

Animal Communication sessions are usually 40-60 minutes and are done by video from the comfort of your home.

Emotion Code Sessions
30 min | 57 CAD

Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, “The Emotion Code” is an energy healing method that uses muscle testing to help release body discomfort and emotional upsets/wounds. Muscle testing is a non-invasive method that taps into your subconscious mind to answer questions about your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. When “Trapped Emotions” are stuck in your body, it can cause a variety of issues such as imbalances, stress related coping behaviours, sleeping issues, brain fog, and many more common discomforts and complaints. By releasing these “Trapped Emotions”, your body can function more effectively and offer you with increased energy, clarity, harmony, and joy and vitality, etc. Sessions are focused on a specific area of focus and typically require 3-5 sessions per issue.

These sessions are an excellent accompaniment to my Intuitive Readings and are available for purchase in packages of 3 and 5. Single “Emotion Code” sessions are available by specific request.

“Emotion Code” sessions are usually 30 minutes and are done by video from the comfort of your home.

Intuitive Readings
60 min | 97 CAD

If it’s answers you seek, it’s answers you shall receive! If you’re looking to shake things up, whether big or small, an intuitive reading will give you real time information to help you discover what's happening in your energy field. Our energy is constantly changing, so every session is different and, that's what is so exciting! In each session, I read your energy field and share what I find to give you clarity in areas such as health, wellbeing, relationships, parenting, and messages from spirit and loved ones that have crossed, etc. In addition, when required, I also use energy releasing techniques to release energy that is not aligned with your highest and greatest good. At the end of each session, I provide you with practical suggestions based on the results of your reading to increase and elevate your life with joy and vitality.

These sessions are an excellent accompaniment to “Emotion Code” sessions and other energy healing modalities and readings, such as reiki and akashic record readings, etc.

Intuitive Readings are usually 45-60 minutes and are done by video from the comfort of your home.